A little about my furbabies!

We have cats.  Yes, that is plural.  Inside we only have two, Shadow and Marshmallow.  Outside we have a fluctuating collection.  We have acquired them over time and they come and go as they please.  However, right now there are 5 that are here everyday.


This is Shadow.


This is Marshmallow.

Cathy and Gregory

This is Cathy with my Gregory.

Little Mama

This is Little Mama and yes she has two different color eyes.  Her right eye is blue and her left eye is yellow.


This is Zombie, the daughter of Little Mama.  She also has bi-colored eyes.  Her right eye is yellow and left eye is blue.


These are the daughter of Zombie, Callie and Horns.  Horns has eyes just like her mothers.

Now you have met my indoor babies and my outdoor babies.  I love them all!  Have a purrrrrfectly wonderful day!


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