About Us!

Coven Tree Micro Farm is a dream that we are trying to bring to fruition.  Right now we have a yard that has a few trees and nothing else.  It is a blank canvas that I am dying to fill up!

Gamma, Goffa and Sophie


This is my husband, Gregory, my granddaughter, Sophie, and me, Christina.  We will be the caretakers and creators of Coven Tree Micro Farm.

We have a garden plan that is probably overly ambitious for doing in the coming spring (2014), but that is OK.  We will do as much as we can and then add to it every year until it is exactly what we have in mind.  Then we will probably change it again, LOL!  Someday we would like to have bees, chickens and bunnies, but that is going to be up to the county we live in.  We are still checking on what this lot is zoned for.

Wish us luck and follow along as we start out on our journey!


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