Sunshine Through the Rain


The last time I posted, we were having a “ton” of rain here.  Since then I have become a very sick girl.  I basically have missed the last week of work.  While laying around feeling miserable and feeling sorry for myself, my amazing husband Gregory (World Engineer), dropped some sunshine into my day.  He nominated me for a Sunshine Award.  It is not a Pulitzer, but in many ways it is better.  It is an opportunity to help others find new cool things in the blogshere.  Thank you honey!!  Here is how it works.

1) Use the logo above in the post.

2) Link to whoever nominated you.

3) Write ten pieces of information about yourself.

4) Nominate ten fellow bloggers “who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogsphere.”

5) Leave a comment on the nominees’ blogs to tell them of the award.

So, here goes:

  1. I am a wife, mother, and grandmother.
  2. I learned to crochet from my mother when I was 8 years old.
  3. I enjoying cooking, but I love to bake!
  4. The land my house is built on used to be my grandfather’s garden.  I remember helping him as a little girl.
  5. I work a full-time job at a car dealership.
  6. My garden is under construction at the moment.  It will be a very long, slow job, but we will expand it every season until we complete our plan.
  7. Growing up, I was a twirler, dancer, cheerleader, flute player, oboe player, and piano player.  Wow!  I have never actually written all of that out in one sentence before.  It seems completely overwhelming!
  8. I am former US Navy.
  9. I am a gamer girl.  I am currently playing in two different D&D games.
  10. Oh!  And, my grandmother taught me how to sew when I was in my early teens.

I would like to nominate the following blogs for this award. (There will not be ten because I am so new to this.)

  1. BGgarden : Creative Living & Growing In The Heartland – Bren has a beautiful home and garden and shares wonderful pictures and ideas.
  2. Interesting Literature – Welcome to Interesting Literature, an online library of all that is most interesting and captivating about literature. Here you’ll find fun facts, interesting research into writers and their work, and blog posts which seek to capture the most fascinating facets of the literary world. So pull up a chair at this virtual library of literary wonder, and begin browsing!
  3. Charlotte Hoather – This young woman has an amazing voice and a bright future ahead of her.
  4. A Stairway To Fashion – A beautiful blog by a woman with a great “definition” of fashion and style.
  5. Chris Martin Writes – Thank you for stopping by Chris Martin Writes. My goal is to make this site about a variety of things. I try to publish at least one post a week. Topics will include all sorts of genres, but mostly fiction and faith.
  6. Joeseeberblog – The majority of my posts will be on mindset, blogging strategies, life lessons, entrepreneurship and my travels.

Have a wonderful day!


And the rain just keeps coming!

It has now rained everyday since Sunday.  I think I may be going into withdrawal.  LOL!  Anyway, I have been spending time going through some of my books.  Just yesterday, I downloaded 20-30 free books onto my Kindle.  They covered a number of different topics (gardening, canning, crocheting, green house-cleaning, soap-making, etc.).  As I make my way through them, I will let you know if any of them are wonderful.

Here’s to hoping for great information!!

What is a Scrafghan??


Well…………Scrafghan started as an extra thick afghan for use on our couch.  Straight single crochet done with 3 strands of yarn and a large hook.  Then I got bored.  So, I changed colors, then added some novelty yarn.  I used up bits and pieces of different things that I had laying around the house.

Then, we went on a trip to visit friends.  Scrafghan went with us, because it was still at a manageable stage.  LOL!  I would never have guessed that my project would then take on a life of its own.

Sitting in the midst of a group of gamers, computer nerds, and technogeeks, I became the center of attention.  Wait, strike that.  Scrafghan became the center of attention.

“What are you working on?”  “What is that??”  Why is it so many different colors?”

These were not unusual questions, so I was ready for them.  Then I had one of the guys sit down next to me and ask if I was crocheting, because it looked like what his grandmother used to do. Talk about shocked.  Most people assume I am knitting, no matter what I am working on.

Then they all started to cycle in and out of my little corner of the room.  They would sit and ask me about it, some of them would “pet” the novelty yarn, and some would just sit with it over their laps like they were trying it on for size.

I left my project next to that chair when we went to bed for the night, but when I got up the next morning, it was not where I had left it.  It was covering the legs of the person asleep in the chair (hook, yarn, and all).  After that, people started to argue over who was going to get to sleep under Scrafghan (short for scrap afghan).

The following Christmas, some of ours friends bought an old afghan and took it apart.  They wound it into an enormous ball and gave it to me so that Scrafghan could continue.  Now, I am pretty sure they would send me home if I dared to go visiting without it.

Note to the KampKon crowd: “Scrafghan and I love you all.”

I have since had a number of requests for scrafghans of their very own.  I wonder if this might be an intriguing little side business. Hmmmm.

Rainy days!

We have had a number of rainy days here in the Piedmont area of Georgia.  That means that I have not been able to be outside digging in, what will become, my garden.  So, I have been looking for free catalogs and magazines about “the self-sufficient life”.  I have bookmarked a few things, but have not found anything “FREE” yet.  I have seen a few articles that I am looking forward to checking out.  I will let you know if I find anything interesting or entertaining.  Let me know what your favorites are.  Having fun and “enjoying” the weather!

Let the cooking begin…..

Actually, it started last night. LOL!  I have a wonderful turkey recipe that I found online last year.  It turned out beautifully, so I thought I would give the gravy recipe that goes with it a shot this year.  I have never made gravy in my life.  I know, I know.  I can hear the shocked gasps now.  Anyway, I wanted to share the link to the recipe with you.

Lynne Rossetto Kasper has some great recipes.

As I was saying, about the gravy………it is a 2 day process!!  I did the gravy base last night.  Smells and tastes amazing though.  Can’t wait to try and finish that process up.  Should be interesting if nothing else.

Next up on the new recipe list is a green bean casserole from Alton Brown.  Fresh green beans, fresh mushrooms, half-and-half, fresh onions…….mmmmmmmmm!!

I will let you know how that turns out.

I have a chocolate pie idea that I am bouncing around as well.  That one will be all me, and I will post that if it turns out like I want it to.

Wish me luck and pictures will be forthcoming!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!


So, I live in the Piedmont area of Georgia, northeast of Atlanta.  What most of the country calls cold weather, would probably be beyond my general scope. LOL! However, it has gotten down right chilly here and they are calling for rain with a possible wintery mix. Work on my garden is on hold, probably until after Thanksgiving.  (I will be spending Wednesday evening and Thursday cooking.)

Stay warm and dry and watch for how the turkey turns out on Thursday. I’m excited!

A little progress……


First things first. I would like to thank Bren of BGgarden for being the first person to like one of my posts.  It was very encouraging to be noticed almost immediately.  She has a beautiful blog that I am looking forward to exploring.

So, I have come up with a plan for my garden.  It seems very ambitious to me. I know we won’t be able to get it all done before spring planting, but I plan to give it everything I have. Between my full-time job and my husband’s part-time job and continuing job hunt, we have very little time, but I will make this happen! Let me now what you think about it and I would welcome any and all suggestions.Garden plan layout (2)


I fixed my chart so that it was easier to read.  Thanks everyone!!

Inspirations……….how we got to here.


I am Christina.  I am a wife, a mother of two and a grandmother of one.  With that being said, let me tell you how I ended up with this blog.

I have had a “garden” a couple of times over the last few years, but never anything that great. It has been a couple of years since the last time I had the gardening bug, but I could feel it building up.  I purchased a book, to help me learn more about what I was thinking about doing.  That book was The Self-Sufficient Life and How to Live It by John Seymour.Image

A friend made the comment today that this book had changed me.  I guess he was right.  I have found myself thinking more and more about the things that I want to do for, and with, my granddaughter, Sophie.  I want to give her the experience of playing outside in her bare feet, of digging in the dirt, watching something she planted grow, and having animals around that she is helping to take care of, etc. (She is my little ray of sunshine, if you can’t tell.)

I have also found a wonderful blog that I am going through the archives of. Frühlingskabine Micro-Farm is another of my inspirations.  I can’t wait to get completely caught up. In setting up to follow this blog, I was flipped into, and voila!! here I am.

Thank you for reading my rambling, and I hope you have a lovely week.