We have made a beginning!

Yesterday, we made the first (of many) steps to getting our garden started!!  YAY!!  I am very excited.  I intend to share pictures with you all along the way, but you need to know where we are starting from.  With that being said…….here we go!

Empty Yard

This is my yard as it was yesterday morning.

Stakes and Twine

We went to Home Depot.  LOL!  Looking at this picture as I am writing this, it looks like I am going vampire hunting.  Oh well!

While at Home Depot, we met Susan, The Plant Lady.  She was amazing!  She answered all of our questions about the different compost options and suggested that we use the Soil Conditioner option for the lovely clay soil that we have here in Georgia.  Fortunately, our soil is not completely clay based but there is more than enough to make life difficult.  We picked up two bags of Soil Conditioner and I plan to go back and get more every week.

Progress on Garden Layout

This was were we had to stop. (Lunch with the family for Thanksgiving is important. LOL!)

After lunch my nephew, Clint, came back home with us to help us with our work. We worked until it got dark.  I intend to take more pictures this morning, before we get back to work.