Total fail on the pics!

I would just like to apologize now for my failure in the area of the pics for Thanksgiving!  LOL!

Everything came together so fast and at such the last minute, I totally lost my mind.  We were supposed to have an early dinner at my mother’s house at 4:00.  Fine, no problem.  I did my gravy base on Wednesday night, and got up and started cooking Thursday morning.  The turkey went into the oven on time (a huge accomplishment for me!).  Spiced Pecans…….check!  Fried onions for the green bean casserole……check!

At this point, I am completely confident that I will get everything done and have plenty of time for pics before heading out to my mother’s house.  (They live three houses away! LOL!)

Onward!!  Chocolate pies…….check!  (They looked great and tasted ok, but were not what I was hoping for.)

OK, into the crunch………Garlic Mashed Potatoes are taking longer than expected to cook (even though I julianned them).  Green Bean Casseroles are together and waiting to go into the oven as soon as the turkey comes out.

Turkey is out of the oven and we have gotten it onto a platter so that I can start on the gravy.  That is a lot of liquid in that pan……how am I ever going to get this to reduce down like the recipe says??  Oh!  I forgot to put the green beans in the oven and the potatoes decide they are ready now?  Rush, Rush, Rush!!

Needless to say, it all got done and we made it to my mother’s, but we were about 30 minutes late.  LOL!

Hope your Thanksgiving was as interesting and memorable as ours!!


Let the cooking begin…..

Actually, it started last night. LOL!  I have a wonderful turkey recipe that I found online last year.  It turned out beautifully, so I thought I would give the gravy recipe that goes with it a shot this year.  I have never made gravy in my life.  I know, I know.  I can hear the shocked gasps now.  Anyway, I wanted to share the link to the recipe with you.

Lynne Rossetto Kasper has some great recipes.

As I was saying, about the gravy………it is a 2 day process!!  I did the gravy base last night.  Smells and tastes amazing though.  Can’t wait to try and finish that process up.  Should be interesting if nothing else.

Next up on the new recipe list is a green bean casserole from Alton Brown.  Fresh green beans, fresh mushrooms, half-and-half, fresh onions…….mmmmmmmmm!!

I will let you know how that turns out.

I have a chocolate pie idea that I am bouncing around as well.  That one will be all me, and I will post that if it turns out like I want it to.

Wish me luck and pictures will be forthcoming!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!


So, I live in the Piedmont area of Georgia, northeast of Atlanta.  What most of the country calls cold weather, would probably be beyond my general scope. LOL! However, it has gotten down right chilly here and they are calling for rain with a possible wintery mix. Work on my garden is on hold, probably until after Thanksgiving.  (I will be spending Wednesday evening and Thursday cooking.)

Stay warm and dry and watch for how the turkey turns out on Thursday. I’m excited!