What is a Scrafghan??


Well…………Scrafghan started as an extra thick afghan for use on our couch.  Straight single crochet done with 3 strands of yarn and a large hook.  Then I got bored.  So, I changed colors, then added some novelty yarn.  I used up bits and pieces of different things that I had laying around the house.

Then, we went on a trip to visit friends.  Scrafghan went with us, because it was still at a manageable stage.  LOL!  I would never have guessed that my project would then take on a life of its own.

Sitting in the midst of a group of gamers, computer nerds, and technogeeks, I became the center of attention.  Wait, strike that.  Scrafghan became the center of attention.

“What are you working on?”  “What is that??”  Why is it so many different colors?”

These were not unusual questions, so I was ready for them.  Then I had one of the guys sit down next to me and ask if I was crocheting, because it looked like what his grandmother used to do. Talk about shocked.  Most people assume I am knitting, no matter what I am working on.

Then they all started to cycle in and out of my little corner of the room.  They would sit and ask me about it, some of them would “pet” the novelty yarn, and some would just sit with it over their laps like they were trying it on for size.

I left my project next to that chair when we went to bed for the night, but when I got up the next morning, it was not where I had left it.  It was covering the legs of the person asleep in the chair (hook, yarn, and all).  After that, people started to argue over who was going to get to sleep under Scrafghan (short for scrap afghan).

The following Christmas, some of ours friends bought an old afghan and took it apart.  They wound it into an enormous ball and gave it to me so that Scrafghan could continue.  Now, I am pretty sure they would send me home if I dared to go visiting without it.

Note to the KampKon crowd: “Scrafghan and I love you all.”

I have since had a number of requests for scrafghans of their very own.  I wonder if this might be an intriguing little side business. Hmmmm.